Abacus / Vedic Maths

Brain Gym (www.braingym.us) is successfully and outrageously managed by The Pioneer Arts Education Society. It is a dynamic learning institution committed to its objective of providing quality education and Teaching of ABACUS, a MENTAL Arithmetic Programme aimed at the development and enhancement of the intelligence of Children age between 5-14 years.
The learning of Mental Arithmetic using ABACUS can improve children's effectiveness in mathematical calculations. The programme inculcates the ability to use quick mental visualization in the children to solve mathematical facts such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
To develop quick and retentive Memory in Child.
To develop the leadership skill in Child.
To build the ability to calculate fast and accurately without using external device such as Abacus, Calculator etc.,
To train and sharpen the child's mental power.
To promote patience, efficiency and concentration.
To sharpen the child's hearing power.
To Sharpens Child’s Observation.
To increase child's creativity.
To improve child's memory power.
To Develop Childs Interest In Mathematics.
To make the child attentive.
To uplift child's moral.
To boost the child's confidence in overcoming obstacles in their mental development.
To help the child overcome his/her phobia of numerals.