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We are pleased to inform you that The Pioneer Arts Education Society (TPAES) has been established at New Delhi as a Non Governmental and Non Profit Making organization registered Under Societies Act, 1860. read more...

Our Benefits

Learning a musical instrument will help your child develop concentration, as they must focus on a particular activity over extended periods of time.

Practicing musical instruments improves hand-eye coordination. Children develop important motor skills when playing music just as they do when playing different sports.
1. All the Activities are regular and continuous through out the year.
2. Diploma and certificate courses are recognized by various state govt. Universities and Boards.
3. Regular Stage exposer,concerts,performing opportunities.
4. Highly Interactive Group Classes.
5. Individual Attention.
6. Specialsed Learning Materials And Methods.
7. Committed, Qualified And Experienced Instructors.
8. Concert Performing Opportunities
9. Full Time Career - Music Band and Communities.
10. Certification Will Help To Become A Professional Instructor
11. Certificate And Diploma enhance students Percentage For Admission In College, Jobs in Corporate Sectors too.
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